How much does it cost to book Ali?
Costs vary based on Ali’s availability, the nature of the event, number of attendees and location. Ali is currently located in Pittsburgh, PA so events outside of that area will also need to cover her travel and stay. Send an email to inquire what the rate will be for your party.

Do the guests have to drink?
No! Ali’s music is dancable, catchy and clever so anyone that chooses not to drink is still guaranteed to have a great time. Everybody wins the game so players that do choose to drink can stop at any time during the show and still be victorious!

How long is the show?
Although it’s a Power Hour, the actual show lasts about 80 minutes because Ali interacts with the audience in between each of the 60 one-minute songs.

Will this show make my event a highly anticipated, unique and awesome experience that my guests will never forget?
What a great question! Yes.

Can I connect with Ali?
You can like Ali on Facebook, follow Ali on Twitter and subscribe to Ali on YouTube.