The Music

Here’s a sampler of some of the awesome jams from Ali’s Power Hour Concert! If you’d like to hear them all, check out her Power Hour Album website.


Mini Games!

Many of the songs have games and activities that go along with them. Listen below to hear just a few examples of the extra interactivity in Ali’s concerts!


Game Within the Game
It’s a mini drinking game within the big game! Pay attention and take an extra sip every time Ali sings the word “game”.

Text Someone That’s Not Here
Get out your phones! For this minute, everyone texts their friends that are missing out on this awesome party.

For the halfway song, Ali calls a volunteer on stage to be the guest cowbellist for one minute!


It’s a sea shanty! Give your best “yo ho” with this piratey call and response tune. It’s also great for swaying and toasting.

Build a Beeramid
Collect all those empty cans and build an awesome sculpture. Then walk like an Egyptian!

Blow into your empty bottle
Everyone’s in the band for “Song In the Key of an Empty”. A 12oz bottle plays the right note to fit at any point in this song!